Through fog and loam, I make my way,

cross dewy fields, of bundled hay,

Through quiet woods, so still in sleep,

down crooked steps, so narrow, steep,

To docks below, a path I make,

I’m hushed, (lest) sleeping giants wake,

And to the pier who’s foggy end,

has disappeared, the sun to mend.

So now I come, alone and where,

the foggy mists surround me there.

But I will wait and soon to see,

my heart’s desire, my destiny.

The dark and quiet stirs and churns,

the bubbling waves midst grass and ferns.

And life around me softly wakes,

the dawn has come, as morning breaks.

The foggy mists they swirl away,

as rays of light announce the day.

The sleeping giants, in mooring bays,

a silent ripple swirls and sways

Are nudged awake by current’s tow,

the waves they rock them to and fro.

I strain my eyes to see a sign,

a sail, a ship upon the line.

The morning clouds are gathered there

as if to trick me unaware.

I laugh to see their stealth and fun,

for they shall taunt me til as one

They fly away with blustery wind,

the sun will aid me, my shining friend

With sparkling light upon the sea,

upon the giants, upon me.

And on the line, ‘tween earth and sky,

I shall gaze with clearer eye.

And not be moved from earth and skies

until my eyes have seen the prize.

Her creamy sails, her towering masts,

a gallant brig the sea has cast

Aloft the waves of stormy sea,

through skies of charts and stars, to me.

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