Turkish Red Copper Creamer

Turkish Red Copper Creamer
Item# turkish-copp-creamer-HO185939ER949

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A collector's item as well as a functional piece of art! An intricately designed copper milk pot by renown designer Lazyo Bakırcılık.

Beautiful handcarved styling in red copper is contrasted with hand carved brass handle and spout for a dramatic and luxurious look and feel.

Handwash is recommended. Material: Copper, Tinned Copper, Brass Dimensions: H 7.08"

Food safe tinned copper inside. (With very frequent use,item may need to be re-tinned again in the future for continued food safety.)

Copper has been worked through millennia and has been transformed into large pans, bowls, plates and other utensils. It has gained unforeseen popularity in Ottoman times due to its ease of cleaning and similarity to silver when tinned.

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