Sultan's Ottoman Style Pitcher

Sultan's  Ottoman Style Pitcher
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Use this elegant Sultan's pitcher to serve ice cold Moroccan mint tea, or cold orange blossom water while traveling through the hot deserts of the Sahara!

Traditionally hand crafted, this intricately detailed pitcher will add an elegant, exotic feel to your entertaining ensemble.

*Recommended for cool beverages only. Crafted of tinned copper. Dimensions: H 8.7"

* Copper that has been tinned is safe for food use, as long as the tin remains intact. Should the tin become worn over time, please re-tin for continued years of enjoyment as a functional piece of serving ware.

Copper has been worked through millennia and has been transformed into large pans, bowls, plates and other utensils. It has gained unforeseen popularity in Ottoman times due to its ease of cleaning and similarity to silver when tinned.

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