Sultan's Signature Sterling Silver Necklace

Sultan's Signature Sterling Silver Necklace
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Sultan's Signature Sterling Silver Necklace
Crafted by hand in painstaking detail, expressing the literal and symbolic beauty of calligraphy, this sterling silver tughra* pendant is exquisite!

It comes with a braided two-line leather cord that measures 23" long.

* A Tugra (or tughra) is an outstanding calligraphic imperial design, monogram or a kind of signature of the Ottoman Sultans. It bears the names of the sultan and his father and the prayer “ever victorious” in most of them.

Initially tugras were used on official documents (e.g. fermans: order of sultan) to give formality, but later on they are seen on coins, flags, stamps, official monuments, official buildings, ships, mosques and palaces as a symbol of sovereignty. It is exclusive to the Turks/Ottomans.

The form of the tugra is peculiar in itself. Neither is anything similar to the tugra, nor is the tugra similar to anything else... While preserving the form of the familiar tugra; to reconcile the name of the sultan with this form is a difficult art.

This is a truly unique and special piece!

Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Leather Dimensions: L 1.5" W 1.5"

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