Shepherd's Flute

Shepherd's Flute
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A wind instrument, popularly known as the shepherd's instrument. It also goes by the names 'guval' and 'kuval' in some areas.

There is a widespread popular belief that shepherds use the kaval to direct their flocks. The word 'kaval' itself comes from 'kav,' meaning hollow.

The kaval is today used by instrumental groups to add a particular colour, and since it is not made according to any standards, its measurements can vary between 30 and 80 cm.

It has seven frets on the top and one on the bottom. There are four more on the bottom, known as the Devil's Hole and the Prophet Ali.

The kaval comes in two varieties; Tongued and Non-Tongued. It is generally made from plum wood.

Material: Plum Wood.

Dimensions: L 15"

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