Scarves, Sashes & Belts

 Scarves, Sashes & Belts
Featuring hand woven Pashminas from India, and Fair Trade belts and scarves from all over the world.

New! Our Moroccan Tuareg Veils! Just like in those romantic Arabian style movies, our veils will protect you from sun and desert wind.

Don't be fooled by the price, these veils are of very high quality and are a generous swath of hand dyed fabric.

Wear on your head or around your neck for protection or just plain yummy indulgence of color and fashion!

These Tuareg veils come in vibrant hand dyed colors. To care for your Tuareg Veil:

To protect your hand dyed color, for your first washing, wash your Veil in Vinegar. This will help the color to last no matter how many more times you wash.

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