Moroccan Tuareg Desert Veil (Scarf)

Moroccan Tuareg Desert Veil (Scarf)
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Moroccan Tuareg Desert Veil (Scarf)
We've seen them in the movies, and wondered how we could get ahold of those wonderful dyed fabrics worn on the head and around the neck.

Here they are! Straight out of the "Arabian Nights" these Hand dyed Tuareg veils are the hallmark of the Blue Men of the desert.

These are made of very light "hayati" (cotton)fabric, are hand dyed to show a darker color on each end.

They are worn in multi-layers to protect against sun and sand as these people travel the desert.

Wear on your head, or around your neck, be creative!

Measures 5 ft. long x 2.5 ft. wide.

Colors shown: (not all colors available at all times) Top: Meadow, Golden Cream, Cinnamon, Sunset. Bottom: Fuchsia Ruby, Lavender Majesty, Desert Sky, Sapphire Nights.

How to care for your veil.

Your Moroccan Tuareg Desert Veil has been hand dyed using natural dyes on Hayati (cotton) fabric. To preserve the color of your scarf, please wash before wearing using these directions:

Fill a wash basin or sink with cold water. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the water and swirl to mix. Soak your scarf for at least 30 minutes then rinse with cold water.

The next washing can be done with regular detergent, but always wash gently by hand to preserve the integrity of the color and fabric.

To wear, wrap around the head or neck or both. Or use one on your head while wearing another one around your neck. Enjoy your very special Moroccan Tuareg Desert Veil!

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