Moroccan Tass Hand Washing Set

Moroccan Tass Hand Washing Set
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Start your own tradition and amaze your friends with this elegantly beautiful Moroccan Hospitality set.

To show honor to your guests before the meal is served, this set is presented so that your guests may wash their hands with warm scented water.

The basin collects the rose water or orange blossom scented warm water as it is poured on the hands using the kettle on top!

In every family in Morocco, entertaining is taken very seriously. This ornate hand washing appratus called "Tass" is presented table side, for honored guests to wash their hands, before every meal.

The host or the elder sibling, with a towel hanging off the shoulder, would go around and offer each guest this lovely gift of hospitality and honor.

Measures 19" high x 11" wide Designs may differ from picture shown.

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