Fair Trade Ceramic Turtle Ocarina

Fair Trade Ceramic Turtle Ocarina
Item# turtle-ocarina

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This colorful ceramic ocarina is in the shape of a turtle and has 4 finger holes. Approximately 3 inches long at the base.

Producer Profile Recognizing the need for a different, and just business in Peru, Manos Amigas, which means "Hands Joined in Friendship", was started in 1991. The organization works among the poor small family cooperatives in the slums of Lima Peru and the Andean highlands. Over 70 small family workshops from the rural areas of Cusco and the urban sprawl of Lima are directly affected. Artisans now have the opportunity to have jobs with fair and just standards and working conditions, while also having a wider market for their unique traditional handcrafts.

The difference between Manos Amigas and other companies in Peru is that Manos Amigas is providing the artisans with fair livable wages. In addition to paying a fair and living wage to the 50 artisans affiliated with Manos Amigas, they provide job and business training programs in accounting, administration, design, and packaging and shipping. The artisans are innovative, always looking for new ideas that will recycle materials or use natural resources. Through their marketing efforts, craft products from these workshops can be found in Europe, Canada and the U.S

Manos Amigas goes beyond providing fair wages and business training. They are very passionate about reaching their community as well. Twenty percent of the sales of handcrafts go to support a feeding program that serve over 400 children in slum areas. This program is run through the local churches, and the money is also utilized for providing school uniforms, shoes, and school supplies for the children of the community.

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