Beldi Unglazed Tagine

Beldi Unglazed Tagine
Item# belditaine-7010

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Due to the high demand of unglazed clay cookware, we have decided to expand our line and add this already popular tagine in the unglazed version.

The Beldi (or folk) tagine comes finished semi-smooth. The inside and outside of the tagine is unglazed. This tagine needs to be seasoned before first use. This process ensure long life and strength and adds a typical earthy tagine flavor to your cooking. It can be used on stove top (up to low-med heat) as well as in the oven (up to 350F).

This tagine is FoodSafe! Do not soak unglazed cookware in soapy water.

Apply olive oil generously when seasoning this tagine as it mysteriously makes a difference in flavor and adds to its strength!

12" x 10"

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